Rain Not Apricots

by rowboat1

Pronto Raisin Act
Cartoon Saint RIP
Panic Root Trains
Antic Rain Troops
Niacin Root Parts
Capri Air Not Snot
Proto Rain Antics
Raincoat Or Pints
Traincar Options
Car Point Rations
I Paint Rotor Cans
I Roar Pi Constant
Apt Coins Roar Tin
Airport Sanction
Print Soar Action
No Sprint Croatia
Pain Into Carrots
Onion Strip Carat
Art Carts Opinion
Coin Stain Parrot
Tantric Iron Soap
Aspirin To Carton
Captain Rons Trio
Strict Roan Piano
Tropicana Intros
Rot in Capistrano
Portis Carnation

Once you start, it’s almost impossible to stop imagining the possibilities.


How many folks fit in a bottle? 

A lot’ll.